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Heat recovery ventilation units for Commercial and Institutional buildings

We  offer Ductless or ducted ventilation solutions for Classrooms, Offices, Training room and Meeting rooms application. 

Ductless Heat recovery ventilation unit


The CIVIC Series ductless air exchangers are ideal for supplying air and removing stale air from rooms such as classrooms, business offices, meeting rooms or childcare centers. The energy recovery core saves heat from the exhaust air to heat the air introduced into the room. The CIVIC unit is installed directly on the exterior wall of the room to be ventilated. The air inlet and outlet tubes are installed directly behind the unit through the wall to the outside.

Two configurations are availlablr, one model is a vertical floor type and the other is a ceiling monted one.

The CIVIC model ductless air exchangers are designed to be installed directly in the classroom or office, so you get great indoor air quality without the noice associated with typical indoor units.

Availlable models air flow range are from 88 l/s ( 187 CFM) to 160 l/s ( 340 CFM)


Ceiling type Horizontal CIVIC EC