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Mini-splits Heat pumps and VFR

Haier manufacturers Ductless and VRF units. From Basic units for construction project to High efficiency units the Haier brand covers it all. The reputation for quality is well known in the industry and it is floowed by outstanding technical support.

Custom air handlers

Blauberg Ventilatoren is a well established manufacturer from Europe. With multiple factory across Europe the offer a range of ventilation products including custome built air handlers.

Ductless Heat recovery Vetilators

Blauberg Ventilatoren offers residential throught the walls ERV called Vento but they also offer a range of ductless HRV and ERV for the Commercial sector. Schools are a good application for the CIVIC units.

Adiabatic Humidification

Energy efficient Adiabatic humidification from Merlin Technologies are designed and manufactured in Europe. Le products are design with water and energy savings in mind.

Direct Fire make-up air units

Amu-Tech Make-up air units are designed for energy efficient and ease of servi ce. Experiences service technician used their many years of experience to create a la lne product that will not only save energy but also reduce service cost and downtime. Pateneted self adjusting profile plate, Variable air flow, DDC controls with a Remote acces to troubleshoot and commission the units make it the most technologically product on the market.

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