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Residential and Commercial Ventilation Solutions

Energy recovery Ventilation system



Blauberg Regenative HRV / ERV Vento A50

Air Quality and Energy efficiency 

Blauberg High efficiency HRV and ERV

Superior Quality Product imported from Europe 


Now Proud Partner with

Blauberg regenative Heat recovery ventilatorRV

Ductless  Solutions

Decentralised installation

The ductless air exchangers are installed directly in the exterior wall of the house. Quiet, efficient and easy to install. Perfect for existing homes without air exchangers or for homes with higher insulation


Blauberg High efficiency HRV and ERv units

Ducted Solutions

Centralised installation

Ducted air exchangers are installed like all North American products. Our main differences are the qualities and energy efficiency



Vento in High performance LEED House


Commercial and institutional ventilation


Tiny house ventilation

New Line of product for Construction project

We now offer competitively priced products for construction projects.

Contact us for information and pricing.

Ductless solution for new construction