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Ductless Energy recovery ventilator 

Residential and Commercial Ventilation Solutions

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Why you should chose a DuctlessEnergy recovery ventilator

  • For Better indoor air quality and improved health
  • For it's easy installation through the wall of the building
  • No need to install intricate ducting system
  • it save space
  • For it's higher energy recovery performance
  • The very low noice level
  • The easiest and quickest installation for a ventilation system
  • Perfect for existing building 

Our Products are certified for installation in Canada

How does a  Ductless ERV system work? 

A ductless air exchanger is installed directly in the exterior wall of a building.

Unlike a ducted air exchanger, our units work like our own breathing.

For 70 seconds, one device evacuates air from the building while another device enters air into the building. After 70 seconds each unit reverses it operation, the evacuator becomes an air inlet while the other becomes an evacuator.

The cycle repeats itself constantly. At least two devices are needed in a building to ensure that the air pressure in the building is equal at all times.

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