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Ductless Energy recovery ventilator

Our Ductless Heat recovery systems are perfect for :

  • Existing House our appartement that not have a Ventilation / Heat recovery system
  • High efficiency House with superior Insulation
  • Add ventilation to a room
  • Social Housing


Energy recovery ventilator- Ductless Blauberg Vento A50

With or without integrated WiFi 

Vento A50 Series ductless air exchangers work in pairs.

Multiple devices installed in the same building can connect by wire or WiFi communication to create a complete ventilation system.

The units are available for low voltage (12/24 volts) or the standard voltage of 120 volts.

The connection between the devices can be wired or for WiFi (Ideal for adding or Renovating). The WiFi option also allows communication over the Internet via a free cloud service.

An Android and IOS application allows you to use your smart device to connect to your Vento air exchangers.


Available models:

Energy recovery ventilator- Ductless - Blauberg Vento A30-DUO

Two fans opposite flow in one unit

The Vento A30 DUO Series duct-free air exchanger works independently. Each unit includes two fans which allows simultaneous evacuation and air entry. Often used for one room or for a bathroom. The devices are available only on the standard voltage of 120 volts.


Energy recovery ventilator  Blauberg ECO2

Low Cost Kit

Vento ECO2 Series ductless Heat Exchanger offers the same technology and performance as the Vento A50 but offers fewer features.

These units must be wired together, incluede is a wall keyboard instead of the remote.

The WiFi option is not available with this model.

The interior finish is different and does not offer motorized shutters.

The devices are available only on the standard voltage of 120 volts.

These units are ideal for new construction because they offer a price advantage while maintaining performance and efficiency.

The base kit is for 2 units.