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Answers to the most common questions we are asked

1- Can I install just one  Vento A50 unit in my house?

We recommend installing the Vento A50 units in pairs because when a unit vents from the room, the corresponding unit in the adjacent room makes air in, which balances the air pressure in your room. dwelling. For small spaces we recommend using the Vento A30 DUO unit because it includes two fans in the same unit which corresponds to the same operation as two Vento A50 units. On the other hand the flow of air is lo

2- Are the Blauberg Vento units  Energy star certified?

Ano European or other non-duct appliances can be Energy Star or Novoclimat approved. HVI responsible for certification testing have no program for ductless devices. Despite the higher energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption of ductless appliances, they are not eligible for financial assistance programs for EcoEnergy appliances. Our representatives work with HVI to find a solution.

3- My condo or House as  XXX Square feet / Meters of floor space, how many units should I install?


In spite of our experience of more than 30 years as anContractor, we have chosen to focus on the promotion of the European Eco-energetic products that we import for you.

Our Blauberg products are very easy to install which makes them available for many do-it-yourselfers. If you can not do the installation yourself, we suggest you contact a trusted electrician near you. We can assist them by phone if necessary.

We are currently looking for a contractor to become licensed installers of our products. Contact us if you wish to distribute and / or install our products.

The answer to this question differs depending on which region your home is located.

In general, we consider that a Vento A30 Duo unit is sufficient for an area of ​​500 square feet, while for a pair of Vento A50 (or ECO2) the floor area is up 1 500 square feet with a 1 bedroom. A residence with 3 bedrooms up to 3 000 square feet will require 2 pairs of Vento A50.

It is possible to combine a pair of Vento A50 and one A30 Duo for a 2 to 3 bedroom house with less then 1 500 square feet.

The Canadian Construction Code refers to the ASHREA 62.2 Table to determine the amount of air needed for a residence.

Contact your municipality for more information on local requirements.


4- Can Productair install the units I purchase from the Web Site?

ASHREA 62.2 2007