Through the wall HRV's for building owners and contractors

  • House

  • Condominium

  • Rental Propreties

  • Coach home
  • Cottage
  • Tiny House  

Whether your project is to renovate or build condominiums, detached houses, cottages, mini houses or to manufacture prefabricated houses, the Vento heat and energy recovery air exchanger adapts to your needs. Vento devices are easy to install and save space. Saving time and money for you and your business.

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Smart and Efficient solution for your contruction projects

Vento A30 Duo 

Blauberg Vento A30 Duo ERV
  • Our 2 in 1 model
  • For one room up  500 Square feet
  • Heat and Energy recovery
  • Humidity sensor
  • Air flow of 20 CFM
  • Plugs in a standard 120 volt outlet or directly in the wall
  • WiFi with Android and IOS App
  • For a big room, Tiny House, Cottage, Coach house or Garage.

Vento A50 Wifi

Blauberg Vento A50 ERV
  • Our most popular model
  • Can be installed in different rooms or a very large space
  • Installed in pairs
  • Heat and Energy recovery
  • Humidity sensor
  • Motorized air flow isolation damper
  • Air flow of 30 CFM
  • Plugs in a standard 120 volt outlet or directly in the wall
  • WiFi with Android and IOS App. Doesn't require wires between units
Blauberg Ventilatoren

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Productair offers ventilation solutions for all types of buildings: detached house,  condominiums, multiple dwellings, Garden suites, Laneway suites, Secondary Dweillings, Cottages, Coach House and Tiny houses.

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