The Vento through the wall ERV, the best ventilation solution for your home

Échangeur d'air sans conduit Vento A50 comme un Lunos
Blauberg Ventilatoren
  • Improves the air quality in your home 
  • Ease of installation: it is installed directly thought the wall and plugs into a regular 120 volts power outlet. It is also possible to connect the unit directly in the wall
  • Better energy efficiency compared to other air exchangers
  • An ecological solution
  • Includes a humidity control
  • For every room in your home
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe 
  • Adapted to Canada's climate
  • Shipped from Canada

The Vento Ductless Heat recovery ventilator

Your Fresh Air Solution

How does a Vento Ductless Air exchanger work ?

Ductless ERV design

Vento series ductless air exchangers provide healthy decentralized ventilation room by room for superior indoor air quality in silence.

The Vento makes your home breathe by removing stale air and bringing in fresh air from the outside alternating like our natural breathing cycle.

The ceramic heat exchanger of the Vento air exchanger stores heat from the exhaust air and heats the air introduced into the room. Paired with low voltage fans this offers unparalleled energetic performance.

Our Vento device with WiFi communication allows synchronization of device functions without having to have to run wires between them. Easy, quick and clean installation.

Unlike traditional ducted devices, they don't have ventilation ducts where dust collects. Washable air filters allow you to reduce air dust easily. A high efficiency filter cartridge is available as an option for higher air quality requirements.

Easy installation

For Do It Yourselfers or Contractors alike

First step of the Vento trough the wall installation
Install the Vento PVC Tube in the wall
Insert the Blauberg Vento Energy recovery cartridge in the tube
Blauberg Vento inside unit with integrated insulation damper

Easy installation of an air exchanger
ductless Blauberg of the Vento series

Locate an unobstructed location in the wall cavity and drill the hole.

Insert the PVC tube supplied with the installation kit.

Secure the indoor module to the wall and insert the cartridge into the tube.

Install the interior trim kit.

Install the outside hood

Enjoy better indoor air quality in your home!

Evaluate your needs

Proposed options based on Ventilation Standard

Productair offers ventilation solutions for all types of buildings: detached house,  condominiums, multiple dwellings, Garden suites, Laneway suites, Secondary Dweillings, Cottages, Coach House and Tiny houses.

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